Winter Math Games

Winter Math Games for the ClassroomNow that the winter break is over and you are back in the swing of things and your centers are up and running again, this is the time of year where I am always looking for new math center ideas and winter math games. The… Read More
As many of you are getting ready to come back from break, there are a mix of feelings. You enjoyed the stress-free time with family and friends and are not ready to see that end along with excitement of seeing all your students again. Returning from winter break can be… Read More What are your mornings like in the classroom? Are kids being crazy, are you scrambling to get lunch counts done and attendance taken, are your kids doing morning work, are they interrupting you with questions about their morning work or not completing it at all? These are all problems I… Read More How many of you are living at your classroom, trying to find ways to create a new and inviting space for your new students arriving in a few days? This year I found some new items for the classroom that I had to share. I am so excited to begin… Read More 1st Week of School Books During the 1st week of school, I use a large amount of books to teach rules, behaviors, social interactions, and content. To keep me organized, I have set aside a box of 1st week of school books so that I can easily access them. Here… Read More