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I will be posting tips, ideas, resources for the primary grade levels. Look for updates on ELA, literacy centers, math, guided math, technology integration, planning and preparation, classroom and behavior management, classroom organization, and much more.



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Why Education Coffee Break for my Teaching Blog?

I decided on the name Education Coffee Break for my teaching blog because I love coffee! Anyone who knows me knows I cannot function without at least one cup of coffee. The sweet smell of coffee is always filling my classroom. My students quickly learn I will always have my cup of coffee in the morning and during my planning. Some years they even learn to identify the coffee flavor by the smell. Therefore, I wanted to use coffee in my title. This title came to me as I was thinking about what I wanted my teaching blog to become. I see this teaching blog to be a place to visit for teaching ideas and strategies that you can read quickly on your coffee, tea, or water break.

Check back frequently for updates and helpful resources and educational strategies.

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