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Guided Math Centers

Planning Guided Math Centers Here are some tips to keep in mind. Pre-tests help plan guided math groups. If you don’t have pre-tests I suggest you create one. You can use your final test and change the order and numbers in the problems. The pre-test will give you an idea… Read More

What is Guided Math?

What is Guided Math? What is Guided Math? Guided Math is a structure so that teachers can differentiate their math instruction. Guided Math is allows you to meet the needs of all your students and build the fundamental building blocks for math. The other day I had the amazing opportunity… Read More

Multimedia in the Classroom

Multimedia in the Classroom Using multimedia in the classroom teaches students many important 21st century skills including collaboration and creating. Why is it so important to use multimedia? There are many ways successful and educational ways to incorporate multimedia in the classroom such as videos, images, and podcasts. Using technology… Read More

10 Tips for the 1st Day of School

10 Tips for the 1st Day of School These 10 easy to follow tips for the 1st day of school will help make your 1st day fun for your students and help build a classroom community of learners! 1. Introduce yourself On the first day of school many of your… Read More
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