About Me

Teaching Background

I am excited to start this education blog and introduce myself. My name is Angela Choate and I have been teaching since 2011. When I first graduated college I accepted a job outside Dover, Delaware as a K-1st teacher of exceptional students. This classroom setting was similar to a behavior and emotional support self-contained classroom. Through this experience, I gain a wealth of knowledge on behavior management, special education, IEPs, teaching strategies, and how to meet the needs of diverse learners. I taught in Delaware for 2 years until I missed my home state of PA. That summer I accepted a job teaching 1st grade in Cumberland Valley School District. I taught 1st grade for 7 years at CV and currently accepted the position of Instructional Specialist which will provide instruction and resources to students and teachers.

Education Background and Teaching Involvement

I have a bachelor’s degree from Elizabethtown College in Elementary and Special Education. Since then I have received a master’s from Wilkes University in Early Childhood Literacy and I am currently set to graduate with my second masters in Instructional Media this upcoming May. In college I presented at STEM conferences around the country including NSTA conference in San Francisco. During my time teaching in Delaware I had the opportunity to work extensively on collecting and analyzing data, creating assessments, learning how to implement effective guided reading lessons, and creating literacy centers, At CV I have been involved in many STEM activities, technology pilot reviewing apps, and guided math cohort. I have also presented and shared my ideas and knowledge of guided math at professional development days at CV and our IU. This upcoming year I will be working on effectively incorporating technology into our classrooms and finding ways to engage and learn through online learning. I am also a Seesaw Ambassador and Apple Classroom Teacher

How the Idea Got Started for My Education Bblog

education coffee break

My classroom is organized and almost ready, my husband and I just celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary, and our son Oliver just turned 7 months old. In the midst of all, I thought “this would be a great time to start a education blog!” I have had a dream of starting a education blog as a reflective place to write about my experiences along with teaching strategies and knowledge. I enjoy writing and educational research. Since I love educational research, starting a education blog seemed like a great way to collect my ideas I have learned over the years and share this knowledge with others. My husband has a job working with website development and surprised me with own blog. I am excited to begin writing about education and sharing my ideas on this blog for primary teachers!

Why “Education Coffee Break”

I decided on the name Education Coffee Break for my education blog because I love coffee! Anyone who knows me knows I cannot function without at least one cup of coffee. The sweet smell of coffee is always filling my classroom. My students quickly learn I will always have my cup of coffee in the morning and during my planning. Some years they even learn to identify the coffee flavor by the smell. Therefore, I wanted to use coffee in my title. This title came to me as I was thinking about what I wanted my education blog to become. I see this education blog to be a place to visit for teaching ideas and strategies that you can read quickly on your coffee, tea, or water break.

teaching blog

Suggest Some Ideas

Like I have already stated, I love research and writing. If there is anything that you want me to write about in my education blog or you have a strategy you would like to share, please let me know. Or, if you just want to say “Hi”, I love receiving feedback. Send me a message.