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Multimedia in the Classroom

Using multimedia in the classroom teaches students many important 21st century skills including collaboration and creating. Why is it so important to use multimedia? Multimedia in the Classroom

There are many ways successful and educational ways to incorporate multimedia in the classroom such as videos, images, and podcasts. Using technology and multimedia in the classroom allows for Bloom’s higher level of learning-creativity. Asking our students to recall and remember information for a test is the lowest form of learning according to Bloom’s Taxonomy. The level of creating falls under the highest level of thinking.

Creating through Multimedia

Creating allows our students to use their knowledge to create something new and meaningful. This could include a project, creating a video, blog writing for collaboration, or sharing ideas through multimedia. Multimedia can provide a meaningful and productive display of learning and collaboration. Multimedia in the classroom can be embedded into meaningful learning. Some idea on how to accomplish this include- posting a picture for discussion or collaboration, creating a video for reflections, or a video presentation as a form of creative assessment project.

21st Century Skills and Multimedia

Multimedia in the classroom can allow students to work on the highest level of learning, creating. It can also be a means of collaboration and effective communication. In this new age of technology, we need to  teach our students how to be communicators through multimedia. This includes how to state an idea with information to back up their opinion, disagree respectfully with others, and collaborate and share ideas. We need to insure our students are being respectful and following school and cyber rules. Teachers need to encourage students to use multimedia in the classroom as a form of creating and/or collaboration. This type of learning is critical for our 21st century learners who have technology at their fingertips. Who else is excited to use multimedia in the classroom this year?
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