What is Guided Math?

What is Guided Math?

What is guided math?

What is Guided Math? Guided Math is a structure so that teachers can differentiate their math instruction. Guided Math is allows you to meet the needs of all your students and build the fundamental building blocks for math. The other day I had the amazing opportunity to present with our CAIU on guided math. In my group, I shared how to plan for guided math, organize groups, and other tips to ensure guided math is a success. One important reminder: there is NO right way to do guided math. Everyone is going to teach and implement guided math differently. Dr. Nicki provides a great overview of guided math. She is a great researcher and promoter of guided math instruction.

What is Guided Math in more detail?

Now that you have a basic overview of what is guided math, we can go a little deeper into why it is beneficial in your classroom? Similar to guided reading, you will be creating groups with students of similar math abilities and struggles. When you meet with these students, you are working to meet their needs. Your other students are in centers working on math related activities, games, or seat work. The most important thing is to think to yourself “what does each group of students need to build their math foundation?” Guided Math is similar to how you teach guided reading. It is about meeting our students at their math goals and their personal needs so that we instill a love for math and create mathematicians.

What about the math curriculum?

There are many ways for teaching the curriculum along with your small groups. One way would be to teach a short mini-lesson each day before you begin guided math groups. This whole group lesson should only be about 15-20 minutes so that you have plenty of time to dedicate to your small groups and meeting their needs. You could also spend a Monday or Friday or both and teach multiple lesson for the week. If you use this method, you can then do guided math groups 3 days a week. These are two ways that I have found helpful.

What is Guided Math? A Basic Overview Presentation

I have attached a Power Point presentation about the basic overview of a guided math lesson. This will be presentation 1 of a series to introduce guided math and dive deeper into the organization, management, and lessons of guided math.

Guided Math Presentation

what is guided math


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